Where to practise foreign languages in Moscow

When I started to learn English seriously with a teacher, I thought it would be enough and I would speak in half a year, but I was wrong. After a several months, I understood I needed to apply my knowledge, I needed to speak with people other than my teacher. For instance, I have two classes with a teacher and at least one conversational experience a week.

Why we couldn’t speak after 10 years learning at school? It’s easy, all we remember is cramming words, reading hard grammar books, but no listening, no speaking. I remember when my English teacher gave us the material about distinction between active and voice. It was 5th grade, and we were learning English since 4th grade.You understand there was topic of high English levels, definitely not for elementary.  In fact, it wasn’t structured knowledge. Nowadays it is the same situation. So, I just want to say I really loved this subject in school, it was my favorite, I always did homework, had additional lessons with school English teacher. But when I finished, I had elementary level. It didn’t mean I wasn’t capable of it and so on. It just meant I needed to change approach to learning. After school, I had a break, and a year ago I resumed classes and achieved good results in learning.

Bellow I share with you places where you can develop your speaking skills in Moscow. I had my own experience in most places (besides number 2 American center and 3 Real Talk though I have very good reviews of them and plan to visit them soon). Hope this information will be useful.

1. Moscow language exchange

Here is you can practise different languages, but mostly it’s English. It’s all for FREE. People are gathering in Gorky Park or in cafes if it’s cold. Learners from different countries including Russia communicate each other.



2. American center Moscow offers you a lot of edicational event: a conversational club, film screenseeings, literature evenings for free.


3. Real Talk— English conversational club. It is helds in different Moscow cafes.



4. Big Wig— a conversational club for English, German, French and Spanish learners. It costs 700 rubles for a class. But they have discounts for constant visitors.


5. Blab club— a conversatianal club which is helds only by native speakers.


6. Jim’n’Jack bar. Here is you can watch a Stand-up show in English. Actually, the bar is for expats and it’s really a great possibility to meet native English speakers and have fun.



Add more practice to your learning and you can see great results in raising your confidence.

Bye! 🙂



About the journey to Prague and Dresden

Well, that time has come to tell you about my trip to Prague with a one-day tour to Dresden.

Prague is a very mystical and beautiful city. Due to the fact that Czech Republic took the surrender in World War II, Prague saved most historical monuments, buildings. The historic center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Annually this city hosts millions of tourists from all over the world and not by chance. Magnificent architecture, cultural heritage and just democratic prices attract people. So, I want to show you several famous sights which I visited.

Prague Castle- the symbol of the country. There are several palaces, gardens and temples, and a particularly famous Saint Vite’s Cathedral. You can see changing of the guard of honor . Nowadays it is a residence of the President. This complex is situated on a  high hill, be ready for long and heavy walk up 🙂

H7jMn0GyIU8The changing of the guard of honor, Prague

7LYucdeM46ESt. Vite’s Cathedral, Prague

The Charles Bridge— it’s about 600 years old, the favorite place of the guests of Prague. You can see ancient bridge towns and 30 sculptures. Also, here there is a lot of street artists, it is like Arbat in Moscow.

4tQ-_5VYf3sThe Charles Bridge at night, Prague

Old Town Square is a heart of the old town. Near the square there are Kinsky and Ratusha palace with the Astronomical Clock — Prague Orloj, Cathedral of St. Nicholas. There are performing artists,cafes and different entertainments.

yQuiHJsmn-kOld Town Square, Prague

Visegrad is the district of Prague and the ancient fortress. At this place you can also look around a cemetery where buried famous people. Also here there are quiet parks and opens a fabulous view to the city near the river.

ahLvE2pyIwMCity view, Vysehrad, Prague

xpn9wCEwhvwVysehrad Cemetery, Prague

I was amazed how many cultural monuments are there. Below there are the other places which I visited, they also noteworthy:

  • Wenceslas Square— before it was a horse market, nowadays it is a crowded place with  a rich choice of restaraunts, bars, shops;
  • Dancing house— a modern building with unique curved design, it seems like a building dances;
  • National theatre— I wasn’t there, but it’s really beautiful from the outside;
  • Jewish town— the former ghetto, with the rich culture and history.

Of course, Prague has a lot of various cultural values, but above I just listed what I saw.

I visited a free sightseeing tour in English as I wrote in the previous post. Great possibility to know the city and listen to interesting information about history and some organisational moments like using a taxi, currency exchange points and so on. Don’t neglect a FREE tour, they do try to do it profesionally and in high quality because it affects the ranking and getting tips for tour. In general, I guess the tour can be attractive for first visitors.

Tour agencies offer various excursions to close cities, for instance, Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, towns around Prague. I decided to go to Dresden. I recommend you to buy a tour because it’s cheaper than if you buy just tickets both ways. Plus you have a sightseeing excursion.

Dresden is a small town. Americans and the English ruined the heart of the city in World War II. Nowayday Germans managed to renovate historical center, I’d say they did it perfectly. The main place which deserves attention is Zwinger. It has famous art gallery where pictures like the Sicstine Madonna-Raphael, the portrait of a boy-Pinturicchio, the Prodigal Son in the Tavern- Rembrandt are stored, and a lot of other artists like Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, Titian, Jan van Eyck, Giorgione and so on are exhibited. Also there are the Pocelain museum and the Physics and Mathematics Cabinet. I spent about 2,5 hours to watch all the complex.

Dl9vVB8JbTAZwinger, Dresden

nDCDcWW-30oRoman Catholic Church, Dresden

So, after it I went for a meal, I want to say prices in Germany are pretty expensive. Generally, it’s a beautiful city with palaces, churches, parks. I liked it.

1aILYK1AblkA street restaurant, Dresden

So, and a little about unofficial part, of course we visited local pubs and restaraunts. There were excellent food and very tasty beer. I am a person who doesn’t like to drink beer, but there it’s really worthy drink. National Czech cuisine is delicious and hearty, I tried knuckle of pork, beef goulash, sausages. Portions always were big with various garnishes. It was much cheaper than I had thought before. And bars… there are very many public places in the center, staff is understanding and friendly and, in general, people were opened, sociable. Here is places which I visited and was pleased with: Ferdinanda, La Mohito, La loca bar.

I think, that’s all. I just wanna say I have very bright impressions, it’s impossible to express in words, it is necessary to see with your own eyes 🙂

See you!

Language experience in Europe

Hi! Today I want to share my language experience in a language exchange club in Prague. Me and my teacher Daria were there on 14th of August.

First of all, I wanna say that at the meeting I really managed to deal with my language barrier, I felt that I can speak well, think in English. These meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere, besides English, people can practice French, Polish, German, Spain and many other languages. There were several tables, and you could join which language you wanted to speak.

Secondly, at this meeting you stop to be scared. I am sure every person think that he won’t able to speak, will look foolish and a lot of different things. But I assure you it is not scary! It is fabulous and really motivating. Below you can see the photo from the meeting and you can see friendly and fun atmosphere.

language exchange Prague

I can pick out several advantages:

  • having live conversation with native speakers, with people who don’t speak in your native language. It is good because you start to think in the language which you learn;
  • memorizing new words and phrases and shaking your knowledge. It is important when you have classes with a teacher to use it in practice because otherwise it will not be efficient;
  • meeting new people and keeping in touch for the future. Also you can use these connections for your buisiness, some personal interests, make good friends and develop a social life;
  • it is absoulutely free events. You can find similar ones in many cities. You will have nothing to lose, but acquire something new for your personal goals.

It will be great experience if you learn languages and practise additionally for your professional lesson with a teacher.

So, just try to do something useful for your English and you will see the result. When you see resalt- you have more motivation for learning, consequently, your progress will grow, grow and grow. Here is the link of this event in Prague https://www.facebook.com/events/284168691959611/

And several words about communication with locals. Prague is a very international city, I think it is the main reason that a lot of people can speak English. I hadn’t language problems with finding a way in the streets, in bars, shops, museums and other public places, especially in the center of the city. The same situation is in Dresden, I was there just for 1 day, but I also hadn’t any problems. Even if person can’t speak, he will help you, it is really interesting to try to understand each other.

Good luck!

Trip to Prague

Hello everybody!

My name’s Sofia. I am here to share my vision on this world though traveling and learning languages. Currently, I speak Russian and English. I think a lot of people who learn foreign languages have too little practice and are so scared to use their knowledge when they travel.

Tomorrow I am going to Prague (Czech Republic) for a week with a stop in Dresden (Germany). And, of course, I will be glad to practice my speaking skills in a new  language area for me.


Now I am going to shortly write about my goals and plans during this journey. So, let’s start!


Arrival in the evening. I am planning to meet my friend, look around and maybe go for a meal. Generally, I will get the hang of the place there.


Some tourism agency or students of university make free sightseeing tours of Prague. One of the features of this tour that it is held in English. It is a good chance to practice. Usually it makes free for attraction of clients in agency or if you are a student you can earn decent tip.

After this, me and my friend will go to Prague bars…


Probably, most of you know about meetings people who get together to practice languages. It is absolutely free, and every person can visit it. I guess it is very useful, especially when they don’t speak Russian 🙂 So, I wanna try this experience.


Some walk around city. I will decide what to do on the spot.


Excursion to Dresden.


Some walk, shopping and also I’ll decide there.


The day of departure.

To summarize… The main goals for practice of my English:

  • visiting a free tour in English;
  • going to the convesational club;
  • and every day I plan to have communication with people in shops, bars, museums and so on.

Read about my journey in details in the next posts.

See you!